Pack Walks

We now host group Pack Walks for our existing clients! Pack Walks are an awesome way to practice your training in a safe but challenging environment.

During the 1 hour Pack Walk you can work on any behaviors or obedience you would like (as long as you are moving) and ask our head Trainer any questions you have about anything!  They are an awesome opportunity to touch base with the Trainer and get out and exercise with your K9!

Pack Walks will be hosted on weekends and announced on our Facebook Page. K9’s that have attended any of our beginner classes (and above) are eligible to attend and must be on leash. Pack Walks are at least 5, but limited to 10 dogs per walk. If cancelled prior due to weather or low attendance refunds will be given.

1 hour Pack Walk with the Trainer is $10 per K9

To sign up today please Click Here!